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Immunization Registry: Submitting Data | On-Boarding Process

As required by law (Act 432 of 1995), immunization providers in Arkansas must report immunizations given to persons under the age of 22 years to the statewide immunization registry, Arkansas WebIZ.  A provider may report the administration of adult immunizations to individuals twenty-two (22) years of age or older without individuals’ consent to the department per Arkansas Code Annotated §§20-15-1201 – 1203.   This public health option allows Eligible Professionals (EP) or Eligible Hospitals (EH) to electronically submit immunization records using Health Level Seven (HL7) to send the data.


As of December 9, 2013 the following changes have been made to the HL7 interface requirements.  Please read through each carefully as they will affect the quality of the messages you send and may potentially disallow messages to be accepted.

Please refer to the 2.5.1 Implementation Guide, it has been updated to reflect these changes.

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