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Act 1220 of 2003 created the role of the Act 1220 Coordinator/State School Health and Wellness Coordinator. The Act 1220 Coordinator (State School Health and Wellness Coordinator) works with the 1,102 schools in the 262 districts to ensure the requirements of Act 1220 of 2003 and related state and federal school health mandates are met. The main goal is to lower obesity rates by supporting best practices in food service, nutrition, physical, and health education.

The State School Health and Wellness Coordinator work with school and district wellness committees to help ensure their annual School Health Index (SHI) and School Health and Wellness Improvement Plan are accurately completed and submitted by the October 1st deadline. Also, the Coordinator helps schools in reviewing and updating their School Wellness Policy, provides technical assistance, trainings related to school wellness, and regular updates on school wellness data and reporting.

While the school environment is the primary focus of the State School Health and Wellness Coordinator, the role also works to increase partnerships between communities and their schools. The State School Health and Wellness Coordinator discusses the impacts of student health on academics, long-term health, and community strength. Additionally, communities are encouraged to reach out to local schools to engage in conversations about local school wellness programs and initiatives and how they can support school wellness.

In efforts to increase student driven initiatives in school health and wellness programs, the State School Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Arkansas Department of Health started the Student Wellness Advocacy Group (SWAG) Initiative beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. This program is a partnership between the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program (TPCP) and the Office of School Health Servicestoprovide health education and teach students how to have conversations about their health and how to improve it. Advisors work with SWAG participants to discuss content, projects, and how to use funding.

Arkansas Department of Health, State School Health & Wellness Coordinator: Shanetta Agnew, (501) 280-4889.

Division of Education and Secondary Education, State School Health and Wellness Coordinator: Shy Whitley, (501) 683-3604

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