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Health Connections: AFMC ConnectCare Program


The ConnectCare program is now a part of the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care. For more information, click here.

ConnectCare is a program that assists Medicaid and ARKids First families in finding a medical home by linking them to a primary care physician (PCP) and dental care. ConnectCare has 3 components: Toll-Free Telephone Helpline, Dental Coordinated Care Program and Health Promotion and Outreach.  More information is available through the ConnectCare website


The Toll-Free Telephone Helpline, 1-800-275-1131, operates Monday through Friday 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. ConnectCare Helpline Specialists assign or change PCPs at the request of Medicaid and ARKids First beneficiaries.  These Specialists also send information, answer questions, and refer beneficiaries to the most appropriate resource. Spanish speaking callers also have access to a designated Bilingual Helpline Specialist who also assigns or changes a PCP, problem solves issues and responds to Medicaid and ARKids First questions Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Beneficiaries can also obtain information and request a PCP online through the ConnectCare website.  


The Dental Coordinated Care Program provides services to Medicaid, ARKids First beneficiaries and dental providers through a toll-free telephone service, 1-800-322-5580, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Through this program, Dental Coordinated Care Specialists assist beneficiaries by providing dental benefit information, finding a dentist or dental specialist, scheduling dental appointments, arranging transportation, conducting appointment reminder calls and rescheduling missed or cancelled dental appointments.  The Dental Coordinated Care Program is important because only one third of children on Medicaid see the dentist and even less of our Hispanic population seek dental care. A new component of the Dental Coordinated Care Program is Donated Dental Services. Under Donated Dental Services, ConnectCare will provide low-income, adult Arkansans (age 21 and over) who do not have dental coverage access to dental services through referrals and recruitment of volunteer dentists and dental professionals.


The Health Promotion and Outreach team promotes appropriate utilization of health services to Medicaid and ARKids First beneficiaries. Three Coordinators (one who serves the Hispanic Communities) and two Health Educators work collaboratively with schools, Head Start Programs, local health units and Hometown Health Coalitions to promote and provide information on ConnectCare services. They attend special school and community events that have a health focus and serve the Medicaid population.  The outreach team occasionally assigns doctors at events or refers beneficiaries to the helpline for assistance. The Health Promotion and Outreach team develops and disseminates promotional materials and produces a quarterly ConnectCare newsletter for Medicaid Beneficiaries and community partners.  

Funding for the ConnectCare program comes from Department of Human Services, Division of Medical Services. 

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