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The measures of the Performance Management system, and the goals of its constituent components, cannot be achieved without a well-trained and skilled workforce. Developing such a workforce requires the identification of gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities through the assessment of both organizational and individual needs and addressing those gaps through targeted training and development opportunities. The Arkansas Department of Health’s philosophy on training and education is to provide employees with an ongoing mechanism to enhance their skills and knowledge, leading to job mastery and applied professional development; ultimately resulting in better production in the workplace.

Utilizing the results of the 2017 Association of State and Territorial Officers Public Health Workforce Interest and Needs Survey as well as a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis by an ADH internal workforce development workgroup, a comprehensive Workforce Development Plan has been developed. The Plan roadmaps the agencies’ goals and objectives to maintain a highly skilled workforce that is prepared to deliver public health essential services and respond to public health emergencies. In addition to these goals and objectives, the Plan also identifies resources, roles, and responsibilities that are required to successfully implement it. Five goals and eleven objectives for addressing training and development needs were identified.

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