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Arkansas Maternal Mortality Review Committee

Purpose | Vision | Mission | Goals

The Arkansas Maternal Mortality Review Committee (AMMRC) began with the passage of Act 829 of 92nd General Assembly Regular Session, 2019. The AMMRC was developed with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Building US Capacity to Review and Prevent Maternal Deaths and is modeled after well-established review committees in the United States.

To improve maternal health outcomes, you must begin with understanding the factors that contribute to maternal mortality. The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) established inter-and intra-agency agreements to identify maternal deaths and to access records to facilitate committee review. Through data collection and analysis of clinical factors, preventability, and social determinants, the AMMRC seeks to identify factors that lead to poor maternal health outcomes and to make recommendations that will decrease maternal mortality and morbidity.


The AMMRC is a multidisciplinary committee whose members represent the state of Arkansas. The members consist of various specialties, facilities, and systems that interact with and impact maternal health.

The members are appointed by the Arkansas Secretary of Health and consist of specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, anesthesiology, nursing, psychiatry, mental/behavior health, nurse midwifery, public health, hospital association, patient advocacy, and more.  Recruitment of new AMMRC members occurs as needed.

All AMMRC members serve in a volunteer capacity and do not receive compensation for participation in the review process. ADH Family Health Branch maintains an internal workgroup to provide administrative support for the committee.


Resources for Committee Members


What is maternal mortality?

In understanding maternal mortality or deaths, several terms exist depending on what and who the term is being used for (i.e., surveillance and reporting, public education, grant applications, etc.). Below are a few common terms and definitions:


The scope of cases for Arkansas review is all pregnancy-associated deaths or any deaths of women during pregnancy or up to 365 days after pregnancy ends. In July 2020, committee members set forth exclusion criteria for abstraction (i.e., motor vehicle accidents and out-of-state residents). Deaths are identified from a review of death certificates, based on the cause of death, a pregnancy check box selection, or linkage of vital records by searching death certificates of women of reproductive age and matching them to birth or fetal death certificates in the year of or the year prior to the woman’s death.


The purpose of the AMMRC is to identify and characterize maternal deaths with the goal of identifying prevention opportunities.


To protect and improve the health and well-being of all Arkansans by eliminating preventable maternal deaths in Arkansas.


Optimize health for all Arkansans to achieve maximum personal, economic, and social impact.


The goals of the AMMRC are to:

Quarterly Meetings

The AMMRC meets quarterly to review select cases and make recommendations about each case based on the case narrative and abstracted data. These are closed meetings. Members of the public or press will not be allowed at AMMRC meetings. If members of the public or press show up uninvited at a meeting, they will be notified that the AMMRC meetings are not open to the public and will be asked to leave. Members of the public or press will be offered the opportunity to engage with ADH staff about the work at a separate time outside of the AMMRC meetings. The committee examines the cause of death and contributing factors. This multidisciplinary group assembled for the first official meeting in January 2020.

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