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ATSC Programs

UCA Annual Evaluation Report 2016 Conclusion on ATSC Programs:

ATSC-funded programs represented a broad array of efforts to address health challenges in the state of Arkansas during 2016. Program efforts had a marked return on investment in extramural funds and generated substantial potential savings in healthcare costs (e.g., through identifying health conditions before emergency care is needed). ATSC-funded programs endeavor to continue contributing to life expectancy gains such as those experienced across Arkansas over the last several years. Given the scale of health concerns confronting Arkansans in this century, it is unrealistic to expect a few million dollars of tobacco funding to resolve all problems. Nonetheless, ATSC-funded programs appear to be able to perpetuate a culture of health by raising awareness of critical health concerns, engaging in cross-sector collaborations with entities outside of healthcare sectors, and generating health-related services that might not otherwise be affordable.

The purpose of the annual report is to assess progress for the 2016 calendar year for each of the seven programs funded under the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission (ATSC). Progress is shown through activities related to program indicators that were created by program directors, in consultation with the evaluation team, and approved by the ATSC. Program activities are evaluated each quarter, and this annual report serves as the culmination of activities recorded across the four quarterly reporting periods.

The annual report consists of six parts:

  1. an infographic of the collective impact of the seven programs in 2016
  2. a brief of the purpose and structure of the report
  3. an overview of ATSC and the flow of funding to health programs
  4. an overview of health challenges in Arkansas and how ATSC-funded programs are targeting these challenges
  5. individual program progress in 2016
  6. a conclusion accompanied by references

ATSC Programs

ATSC Programs’ Online Grants Database

The links below provide information on the yearly grants issued by the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission (ATSC) and Programs created under the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act of 2000. The year listed will provide a list of the funding entity, grants awarded, a brief grant description, the grant amount, along with additional grant information. The grants listed are an exhausted and complete list of all Master Settlement Dollars dedicated to grants within the state. If you have questions about any specific grant, please feel free to contact the issuing agency.

The links below provide additional information on each of the ATSC Programs:

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