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Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission

The Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission is a health-related agency of the state of Arkansas, established by Act 311 of 1975 and administered in accordance with Arkansas Code Annotated (ACA ) 20-8-201 – 206.​ Click here to view the Legislative Mandate Arkansas Code Annotated (ACA).

Our Mission

The Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission will administer a statewide program to identify and meet the unique and lifelong needs of people with spinal cord disabilities in Arkansas.

Our Purpose

To assist Arkansans with spinal cord disabilities in living as independently as they choose.

Our Goals

  1. Provide effective Case Management services to all eligible clients to improve independence and function.
  2. Conduct comprehensive consumer-driven service programs to meet client needs.
  3. Provide education and resources to individuals with spinal cord disabilities, their families, health care professionals, and the general public.
  4. Research the specialized needs, issues, trends, services, and health care resource utilization of individuals with spinal cord disabilities and make recommendations for change.
  5. Identify state, federal, and private funding sources to access additional funds for the provision of client services, research, and innovative program development.
  6. Network with state, federal, public and private agencies to coordinate services and resources and to advocate for the needs of people with spinal cord disabilities.
  7. Operate the Arkansas Spinal Cord Disability Registry, promoting optimal and timely reporting, surveillance, data collection and analysis, and dissemination of registry information.
  8. Disseminate the results of ASCC spinal cord disability registry analysis and other research projects to compare with other states, systems, and national data.
  9. Utilize sound organizational management plan to assure effective, efficient fiscal, personnel, and programmatic services.
  10. Market and promote the activities and services of the Commission and the successes of our clients.

About Us

Commission Meetings

Five (5) members are appointed by the Governor of Arkansas for terms of ten (10) years.  The members of the commission shall be either spinal cord injury victims themselves, members of the immediate families of spinal cord injured victims, or persons with special knowledge of and experience with spinal cord injuries and dysfunctions who have demonstrated active involvement and interest in the fight against death and disability due to spinal cord injury and dysfunction.

Regular meetings are held quarterly in February, May, and August on the last Tuesday of the month and in November on the third Tuesday of the month except when changed by the majority.

Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or requested by a majority of the members as needed with three business days' notice to members in order to transact only business stated in the notice.

Upcoming Meetings:

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Office hours: M-F 8am - 4:30pm

Office Address Phone Fax
Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission Freeway Medical Building - Suite 108
5800 W 10th St.
Little Rock, AR 72204


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