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ASBN - Accrediting Organizations

Act 86 of 2001 requires nurses to complete certain continuing education requirements in order to renew their license. The continuing education must be recognized by a Board approved continuing education accrediting organization/approval body.

Accrediting Organizations/Approved Approval Bodies of Continuing Education

When considering a continuing education activity, the brochure or information about the activity should list the organization that is the accrediting organization/approval body.  On the certificate of participation, the accreditation statement must stand alone and be similar to: “This continuing nursing education activity was approved by (this is where the accrediting organization/approved body is found), an accredited approver by…”

The Board of Nursing will accept nursing continuing education activities approved by the following organizations/bodies PROVIDED that the appropriate documentation and contact hour assignment has been made and meets all other guidelines as set forth by the ASBN Rules.  This list will be updated as needed.

Public Health Accrediation Board
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