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Arkansas Clinical Transformation (ACT) Collaborative

The Arkansas Clinic Transformation (ACT) Collaborative is a Health Care System Interventions program in the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). Click here to access the cancer resources and materials.

The ACT Collaborative Vision

To maximize the length and quality of life for patients with DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, and HEART DISEASE, satisfy patient and caregiver needs, and maintain or decrease the cost of care.

The ACT Collaborative Aim

The transformation of medical practices to achieve systems change and improve the management of patient populations in practices for preventive screening, DIABETES, HYPERTENSION and HEART DISEASE continuum of care.

The ACT Collaborative consists of the ACT Planning Team and Partners.  The planning team is a group of ADH Internal partners and External partners that meet regularly to plan learning sessions/webinars, provide monthly monitoring, provide decisions/implement policy changes of interventions as needed.  ACT External partners include: Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care (AR QIO), Arkansas Geriatric Education Center at UAMS, UAMS Department of Family & Preventive Medicine, CME Division, Community Health Centers of Arkansas, Inc. (CHCA), and Walker Family Clinic. 

The ACT collaborative was created to assist in the transformation of medical practices to achieve population management for patients in the practice that have prevention needs, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.  Collaborative practices will build an infrastructure that will support chronic disease and population management, including the identification and management of high risk patients. Practices will also focus on implementing a system-wide chronic disease management care model that is patient-centered, evidence-based, and promotes overall population management.  This transformation will ultimately help maximize the compliance of clinical guidelines and improve the quality of life for patients with chronic disease.  It will also help decrease the overall cost of care while at the same time satisfying patient and caregiver needs. 

The ACT Collaborative uses the Collaborative Learning Model to support the transformation of medical practices in the provision of care that is team-based, patient-centered, evidence-based according to clinical guidelines, and achieves population management in the areas of prevention, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. In order to facilitate clinic transformation during the 18-month collaborative cycle practices are asked to ensure:

ACT Collaborative Membership Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the training and become a member of the ACT Collaborative a facility must be a:

If your clinic is interested in participating in the ACT Collaborative, contact Matt Mitchell at (501) 661-2636 or email at

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