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Arkansas State Board of Health

The Arkansas State Board of Health was established by Act 96 of 1913, which serves as the charter or constitution for this Board. The Board has the general supervision and control of all matters pertaining to the health of the citizens of Arkansas. It is empowered to make all necessary and reasonable rules and regulations of a general nature for: 

The Department of Health is the state agency responsible for implementing the Board’s regulations.


State Board of Health Members
Catherine Tapp, MPH, President
12-31-2020 – APHA)
Perry Amerine, O.D.
(12-31-2019 – Optometrist)
Marsha Boss, P.D.
(12-31-2021 – Pharmacist)
Miranda Childs Bebee, DDS.
(12-31-2017 – dentist)
Greg Bledsoe, M.D.
Surgeon General
Lawrence Braden, M.D.
12-31-2016 – District 4)
Glen “Eddie” Bryant, M.D.
(12-31-2016 – District 1)
Vanessa Falwell, RN
(12-31-2020 – Registered Nurse)
Beverly Foster, D.C
(12-31-2017 – Chiropractor)
Alan Fortenberry, P.E.
(12-31-2017 – Engineer)
Phillip Gilmore
(12-31-2019 – Hospital Administrator)
Anthony N. Hui, M.D.
(12-31-2020 – District 3)
Lee Johnson, M.D
(12-31-2016 – At Large)
Susan Jones, M.D.
(12-31-2016 - Rural Physician)
Thomas Jones, R.S.
(12-31-2016 – Sanitarian)
David Kiessling, D.P.M.
(12-31-2020 – Podiatric Medicine)
Carl Mike Riddell, M.D.
12-31-2020 – District 2)
Robbie Thomas Knight, Ph.D.
(12-31-2017 – Consumer)
Susan Weinstein, DVM
Terry Yamauchi, M.D.
(12-31-2019 – MD At Large)
Dr. James Zini, DO
(12-31-16 - At Large)
Nathaniel Smith, MD, MPH

Note: Meetings are always held quarterly on the fourth Thursday of the month, except in October, in the Charles H. Hughes, O.D. Board Room on the 9th Floor of the Freeway Medical Building, Little Rock, Arkansas, at 10:00 a.m.

2018 Quarterly Meetings

Date Time Location
July 26 10:00 AM Arkansas Deparment of Health - Public Health Lab
4815 W. Markham St.
Little Rock, AR 72205
Executive Committee Meetings
Executive Committee Meetings are only held at the discretion of the President and the Secretary/Director.
Board of Health Meeting Minutes

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