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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

What is the Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

The Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (AR PDMP) is an electronic database of all the controlled prescriptions dispensed at Arkansas pharmacies, mail order pharmacies delivered into Arkansas, and other dispensaries such at a veterinary or medical clinics. Pharmacies are required to report the dispensation of a controlled prescription next business day, while veterinary clinics are required to report every 30 days. A controlled substance is a substance that is scheduled II – V on the Arkansas list of controlled substances. Examples of medications on the controlled substance list are hydrocodone, morphine, alprazolam, zolpidem and methylphenidate.

What is the purpose of the Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

The purpose of the AR PDMP is to:

  1. enhance patient care by providing prescription monitoring information that will ensure legitimate use of controlled substances in health care, including palliative care, research, and other medical pharmacological uses;
  2. help to curtail the misuse and abuse of controlled substances;
  3. assist in combating illegal trade in and diversion of controlled substances; and
  4. enable access to prescription information by practitioners, law enforcement agents, and other authorized individuals and agencies.

Who has access to the Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

Per law, the Arkansas Department of Health grants assess of the AR PDMP database to authorized users such at prescribers (physician, nurse practitioner, dentist, etc.), pharmacists, delegates of prescribers/pharmacists, professional licensing boards, and certified law enforcement prescription drug diversion investigators.


Per Act 820 of the 2017 Arkansas legislature, ADH is required to post prescribing criteria to the website. Additionally, various licensing boards were required to promulgate rules limiting the amount of Schedule II narcotics that may be prescribed and dispensed by licensees of each applicable board. The boards required to promulgate such rules include: Arkansas State Medical Board, Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners, Arkansas State Board of Nursing, Arkansas State Board of Optometry, Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy, and the Veterinary Medical Examining Board. The Director of the Department of Health, upon consultation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Advisory Committee, decided to post each boards’ promulgated rules as applicable prescribing criteria for the state. They are linked as follows:

To view Rules, click here.


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