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Licensing Information for Radioactive Materials

Specific License

A specific license is a license issued to a named person who has filed an application with the Department of Health under the provisions of the Arkansas State Board of Health – Rules for Control of Sources of Ionizing Radiation. Please sign forms where indicated and include any required fees. There is no fee for a renewal license application.

Application downloads
Application for Radioactive Material License
Fixed Gauge Licensing Guide
Industrial Radiography Licensing Guide
Medical Use Licensing Guide
Portable Gauge Licensing Guide
Other Downloads
Arkansas Regulatory Reporting Requirements
Arkansas’ Standard for Radiological Protection for Release of Patient-Administered I-131 Sodium Iodide
Fee Schedule – Specific License
Model Delegation of Authority
Physical Protection of Category 1 and Category 2 Quantities of Radioactive Material Compliance Checklist
RC FORM 530 Certificate of Disposition of Materials
Medical Uses Licensee Toolkit – NRC
Specialty Board(s) Certification Recognized by NRC Under 10 CFR Part 35
Industrial Radiography Certification

General License

A general license is provided by rule, granting authority to a person for certain activities involving radioactive material, and is effective without the filing of an application with the Department or the issuance of a licensing document to a particular person. However, registration with the Department may be required by the particular general license. An annual registration fee may also be required depending on the type of general license.

RC FORM 510 Registration of Generally Licensed Devices
RC FORM 512 Registration Certificate – In Vitro Testing with Radioactive Material Under General License
RC FORM 513 Registration Certificate – Use of Depleted Uranium Under General License
Notification of a NORM Facility Registration


Any person who holds a specific license from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or an Agreement State, and issued by the agency having jurisdiction where the licensee maintains an office for directing the licensed activity and at which radiation safety records are normally maintained, may be granted a general license to conduct the activities authorized in such licensing document within this state for a period, not in excess of 180 days in any calendar year, provided conditions in RH-750 of the ASBH Rules for Control of Sources of Ionizing Radiation are met.

Submit the appropriate fee, along with the following for review:  a letter requesting reciprocity and describing the type of work to be performed, a copy of your relevant U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission or Agreement State license, and a copy of your operating and emergency procedures. Once approval for reciprocity has been received from the Department, an Arkansas Notice of Entry form must be submitted at least three days prior to engaging in work activities in the state. For NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) activities, the Notice of Entry must be submitted at least 5 days before entry. Some activities require the approval of a work plan prior to performing work under the license.

Fee Schedule - Reciprocity  
Notice of Entry  

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