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Operator Certification & Exam Preparation

Water Operator Certification

Standards, guidances, and documents on operator certification of interest for operators of community and non-community water systems, and other individuals.

List of Certified Operators, Operators in Training and Application Pending Operators
Drinking Water Operator Certification Statute
Drinking Water Operator Certification Rules and Regulations
Application - Water Operator License
Experience Update Form
Operator In Responsible Charge Verification Form
Training Approval Request Form
Annual Operator Certification Report to EPA


Operator Exam Preparation Materials


Exam Preparation Packet Contents
Treatment – Need To Know (NTK) and Math Formula Sheets
Distribution – Need To Know (NTK) and Math Formula Sheets
Very Small System – Need To Know (NTK) and Math Formula Sheets
Public Water Systems Regulations
Public Water System Compliance Summary
Please read the Executive Summary before utilizing the Compliance Summary.
List of Reference & Study Books
Examination Formula Sheet
Meeting Mandatory Training Requirements

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