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Plan Review - Subdivision Plans

Requirements for Submission of Subdivision Plans

Complete and detailed plans and specifications shall be submitted for review and approval to the Engineering Section, Arkansas Department of Health.  Depending on the method of water supply and wastewater disposal proposed, review will be by the Engineering Section staff and/or Regional Environmental Health Program Specialist.

Submittals must include the following items.  Subdivisions on public water and individual sewage disposal system must meet both A and B including both review fees. 

A.   Subdivisions with public water and/or public sewer.

  1. Vicinity map and legal description indication the location of the subdivision.
  2. Layout of lot boundaries, street, easements, all topographical features, and flood level of the area.
  3. Contour lines at 5 to 20 feet intervals shall be shown as relating to lot boundaries and the location of tests performed.
  4. Dimensions of lots, streets, easements, etc., of the subdivision.
  5. Detailed engineering plans and specifications for the water and/or sewer system prepared and stamped by an engineer licensed in the state of Arkansas.
  6. A review fee of 1 percent of the estimated water and/or sewer cost is to be submitted with the plans.  The minimum fee is $50 and the maximum fee is $500.  A completed cost estimate sheet for the project is to be submitted with each project unless the maximum fee of $500 is paid in which case the cost estimate is not required.

B.  Subdivision Plans with individual wells and/or individual sewage disposal systems (septic tanks).

  1. All subdivision plan review requirements outlined in the Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Onsite Wastewater Systems (Sections 5.9 through 5.11) must be addressed.
  2. The addresses of all parties to receive copies of subdivision correspondence must be provided, along with three copies of the plans and specifications.
  3. A subdivision review fee is required for all plans submitted.  The fee is $100.00 for the first lot and $25.00 for each additional lot with a maximum fee of $1500.00.  A completed cost estimate sheet must be provided.
  4. Review will be by the Regional Environmental Program Specialist assigned to the region in which the subdivision is located and who will verify the data submitted. 

All items listed within these guidelines must be included in the plans and specifications. For additional information, contact the Environmental Health Specialist located at your County Health Unit, or the Engineering Section at the contact information below.


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