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Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR)

Electronic Lab Reporting: On-Boarding Process

What is Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR)?

Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) is the electronic transmission of laboratory reports from laboratories to public health agencies that identify reportable conditions. ELR has many benefits, including improved timeliness, reduction of manual data entry errors, and reports that are more complete. ELR has been promoted as a public health priority for the past several years, and its inclusion as a meaningful use objective for public health serves as a catalyst to accelerate its adoption. 

Reporting Communicable Diseases to the Arkansas Department of Health

The “Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Communicable Disease Control” adopted by the Arkansas State Board of Health in 1977 pursuant to the authority conferred by Act 96 of 1913 (Arkansas Statutes, 1947, Section 82-110) Section III states, “The responsibility for reporting certain communicable diseases is the duty of every physician, practitioner, nurse, superintendent or manager of a dispensary, hospital, clinic, nursing or extended care home or laboratory personnel examining human specimens resulting in the diagnosis of notifiable disease or any person in attendance on a case of any disease or conditions declared notifiable.” The document, "Instructions for Reporting Communicable Diseases to the Arkansas Department of Health," contains a complete list of the diseases and conditions that are reportable to the ADH.

Submitting Data or Public Health Meaningful Use

The Arkansas Department of Health currently accepts electronic submissions of Health Level Seven (HL7) Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) cancer data messages from Eligible Professionals (EP). EPs interested in submitting cancer data for the Meaningful Use objective must work through the On- Boarding Process.

Reporting of lab data is one way in which facilities and providers can meet Meaningful Use requirements.

Visit the Meaningful Use page for details on other ways to meet the requirements.

Register for Meaningful Use using the Meaningful Use Registration and Communications System (MURCS).

The Meaningful Use public health option allows Eligible Hospitals (EH) to electronically submit Electronic Lab Results (ELR) using Health Language Seven (HL7) to send the data.

Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) Roadmap to Interoperability
Meaningful Use Electronic Lab Reporting On-Boarding Instructions
Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) Attestation Process

Laboratories Not Participating in Meaningful Use

If your laboratory is not eligible for Meaningful Use, ADH is still interested in supporting your implementation of ELR. For more information, contact

Note: Eligible hospitals must continue traditional reporting practices (i.e. fax, phone, or mail) during implementation of electronic reporting until they complete all on-boarding and quality assurance processes.

The NEDSS/NBS application also uses LOINC and SNOMED as vocabulary standards. 

Stage 1 did not require the addition of a SNOMED CT code for an organization; however, rules defined in Stage 2 MU added this requirement for ELR.

Due to a large number of requests, allow a minimum of three weeks to process your HL7 message.

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