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BRFSS County Estimates

County-level BRFSS estimates are calculated using the annual state-level BRFSS survey data. 

Methodology for County-Level Estimates

Telephone numbers and zip codes are used to determine the number of responses to the state survey by county. Since the sample size for each county is based on telephone numbers, each county will be represented roughly in proportion to the number of residential telephone lines in that county. This results in wide variations in the number of interviews from each county. For example, Pulaski County—the largest in the state—had 660 complete interviews in 2005. On the other end, Lee County, which is much smaller, had only 18 interviews completed—too small for a reliable estimate. There are two ways to address this issue: 1) combine data for multiple years, or 2) combine data for adjacent counties. The Center for Health Statistics and epidemiologists at ADH decided to use data for single years and combine the data from adjacent counties to get enough interviews to develop a reliable estimate. This method is used for all counties. Individual weights are developed for each county, and a SAS statistical analysis program is used to calculate the estimates for health risk factors for each of the counties in the state.

All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted. 

Downloads (estimates for earlier years may be available upon request)
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) - 4 or more 2016
Arthritis 2016
Asthma 2016 
Binge Drinking 2016
Blind/Serious Difficulty Seeing 2016
Blood Cholesterol - Ever Had Cholesterol Checked 2016 | Told Had High Cholesterol 2016
Check-Up - within past 2 years 2016
COPD 2016
Coronary Heart Disease 2016
Current Smoker 2016
Deaf/Serious Difficulty Hearing 2016
Dental Visit - in past year 2016
Depression 2016
Diabetes 2016
Difficulty Walking/Climbing Stairs 2016
Educational Attainment - less than high school 2016
Exercise/Physical Activity - none in past month 2016
Falls - adults 45+ who fell 1+ time in past year 2016
Flu Shot - adults 65+ who had no shot in past year 2016
General Health Status Good or Better 2016
Health Care Coverage - no coverage 2016
High Blood Pressure 2016
HIV - never tested 2016
Income Less Than $10,000 (2016)
Medical Cost - could not afford to see doctor 2016
Mental Health Not Good 2+ of Last 30 Days 2016
Obesity/Overweight 2016
Personal Doctor - no health care provider 2016
Pneumonia Vaccination - adults 65+ who have never been vaccinated 2016
Teeth Removed - adults 65+ with all teeth removed 2016

2016 County Estimate reports created by BRFSS State Coordinator Valerie Johnson, MA

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