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Project Firstline

What is Project Firstline?

Project Firstline is a nationwide collaboration led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide infection control training and education to frontline healthcare workers.

The safety of our healthcare workers is our top priority. The Arkansas Department of Health Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) program and Project Firstline are designed to work directly with frontline healthcare workers to provide knowledge, through free training, and access to resources. The ADH Project Firstline program is here to help ensure that all healthcare workers will be able to adapt and understand infection control principles, protocols, and procedures to protect our community, ourselves, and everyone around to help keep Arkansans healthier and safer.

Your Resource for Infection Control

Infection Prevention and Control are critical for preventing the transmission of infectious diseases in all healthcare settings. Project Firstline is committed to helping anyone working in a healthcare facility to help protect themselves, the community, and their patients from infectious diseases. Preventing germs from spreading in healthcare facilities is most effective when everyone uses infection control practices in a consistent manner.

Explore Project Firstline Training & Education Videos

Training is a key factor of Project Firstline. Regardless of your role or previous training or education, healthcare workers will gain important information from this training that could save your life as well as others.

Here are some of the topics you will learn during the training:

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Learning Needs Assessment

We invite all healthcare workers in Arkansas to give us information to develop resources to meet infection prevention training needs. The link below will take you to an assessment. Responses are confidential and will be aggregated to inform decisions, development, and delivery of future training to ensure it best meets the needs of you and your colleagues.

Please complete our Learning Needs Assessment.

Register for Webinars

Want to get access to the newest Project Firstline resources? Please provide your contact information at the below link so that we can contact you about the availability of new resources and access to future webinars. The goal of the webinar is to keep you updated on new information as well as any training or information you might have already missed.

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