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Elective Procedures (4.3.20)Limitations on Gathering (3.26.20) | Public Settings (3.20.20) | Casinos Extension (3.30.20) |

Casinos (3.16.20) | Dentists (3.19.20) | EMS License Extension (3.16.20) |

Barbers, Body Art, Cosmetology, Massage Therapy, and Medical Spas (3.23.20) |

Long-Term Care Facilities (3.13.20)

Arkansas Department of Health Guidance

PUBLIC: About Hydroxychloroquine | For Disinfectants & Hand HygieneFor High Risk Individuals |

For Mass Gatherings | For Mosquito & Tick Transmission | For Pregnant Women |

For Self Home Quarantine | For Travelers | For Voters | Do Homemade Masks Help Protect the Public?

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CHILD SERVICES: For Child Care | For Educators | For Emergency Food Service and Delivery

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For Board Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy |For Social Workers | For Psychology Board |

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For Funeral Homes | For Livestock Auction | For Pest Management | For Prisons & Jails |

For Poultry Industry | For Migrant Farm Workers

HEALTH CARE: For Healthcare Providers | For Certifying COVID-19 Deaths | For Chiropractors | For Dentists |

For EMS 1 | For EMS 2 | For Getting Tested | For Healthcare Workers Exposed-Return to Work | For Hospitals |

For Pharmacies | For Orthotists, Prosthetists, and Pedorthists | For Optometry Board | For COVID-19 Collection |

For Healthcare Workers Using Their Own PPE | Obstetrical Care and COVID-19

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Updated as of 4/4/2020, 11:40 a.m.
*these data are updated once a day
Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas 743
Arkansas Department of Health Lab positive test results 170
Commercial Lab positive test results 534

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Updated as of 4/4/2020, 4:18 pm
*these data are updated once a day
Currently Hospitalized 72
Currently on Ventilator 23
Total Nursing Home Residents 61
Gender Male = 40.2%
Female = 59.8%
Age 0-17: 20
18-24: 49
25-44: 210
45-64: 263
65+: 201


ADH has activated a call center to answer questions from health care providers and the public about the novel coronavirus. During normal business hours (8:00am – 4:30pm), urgent and non-urgent calls, please call 1-800-803-7847 or email us.

Click here for a list of Local Health Units that are partially or fully closed. All other health units not listed are fully open. The list is subject to change on a day to day basis.



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