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Lead and Copper Rule

Please take a moment to read the “Instructions for Sampling” and look over the Lead and Copper Rule “Sample Collection Report”.

You will notice that the Lead and Copper Rule “Sample Collection Report” is 7 pages long with 15 site numbers per page. The number of pages you use will depend on the size of your system. The pages have sample sites numbered in sequence from YL001 to YL105. 

Make a copy of the “Instructions for Sampling” for each customer who will collect a sample.  For example, if you need to collect 10 samples, you will need 10 copies of the Instruction form.

The customer should read the instructions carefully. Write down the date and time he or she last used the water tap and the date and time they collected the water sample. The elapsed time between the two events must be at least 6 hours. The water must remain motionless in the pipes for at least 6 hours.

Please take the information the customer provided on the “Instructions for Sampling” form and transfer this information onto the Sample Collection Report. 

The Certification Form and the Sample Collection Report must accompany your samples. If any of the forms are missing, the samples will not be processed. It is best to place both forms in a water proof container, such as a freezer bag!

Failure to complete the Sample Collection Report and/or the Certification Form correctly may result in a delay of your samples being processed.  A delay may cause your samples to expire and necessitate re-sampling.

When submitting samples, your PWS identification number must precede the individual site number. All sample bottles must be labeled properly.  Sample bottles that are not labeled will be disposed of.  As such, you will be required to collect additional samples.

Samples must be collected from an indoor tap typically used for consumption. Usually the kitchen or bathroom sinks. Collect the sample from the cold water tap. Do not collect the sample from the hot water tap. Collect the samples from the primary sites using your Lead and Copper Sampling Site Plan.

Use the boxes supplied to you by the Arkansas Department of Health for sample shipment. The boxes are labeled to ensure your samples are routed to the correct analytical laboratory when received by the Public Health Laboratory.

Check with your local County Health Unit to determine how they will ship your samples. If they plan to ship your samples by UPS, Fed Ex or the United States Postal Service, you will find it wise to tape the lids and add packing material to the box. Otherwise your samples may be damaged or destroyed while in transit! If the County Health Unit uses the State Courier Service you will not need to tape the lids or add packing material.

Irregardless of the shipment method it will be necessary to place a shipment label on each box. Please use the labels which accompanied your bottles.



The Public Health Laboratory is no longer located in the same building as the ADH Engineering Section. As such, water samples for Lead and Copper analysis will no longer be received at the Engineering Section or the ADH main entrance at 4815 West Markham. If you send or deliver your samples to this location they will be returned to you or disposed of. We recommend that water samples for lead and copper analysis be sent through your Local County Health Unit for all systems that are located outside of Pulaski County.

For water systems within Pulaski County or for systems who wish to deliver their water samples to Little Rock there have been some changes. All water samples for lead and copper analysis must be shipped or delivered to the new Public Health Laboratory at 201 South Monroe. Samples must be taken to the receiving dock at the back of the building. Please take your samples inside and notify one of the workers that you are delivering water samples for lead and copper analysis. Do not take your samples to the front of the building. The receptionist at the front entrance will not accept the samples. As well, access to all other areas of the building is restricted to those individuals who possess the proper security badge.

Ship your samples through your local Health Unit to:                                                      

                                               Arkansas Department of Health
                                               Public Health Laboratory
                                               Slot 47
                                               201 South Monroe
                                               Little Rock, AR 72205

                                               Attention: Inorganic Laboratory
                                               Water samples for Lead and Copper analysis

If you have any questions concerning sample collection, the sampling forms, sample shipment or if you require a copy of your sampling site plan, please call me at (501) 661-2539, leave a message at 501-661-2623 or e-mail me at

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