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Auto injectable epinephrine in schools and certain entities, and asthma inhalers in schools.

Act 1108 of 2015 authorizes schools and certain entities to acquire and stock auto injectable epinephrine.

Act 851 of 2019 authorizes schools to acquire and stock asthma inhalers.

A requirement of these laws is to obtain specific training for the administration of auto injectable epinephrine and asthma inhalers. The training requirements for auto injectable epinephrine may be via a physician office or an approved training program. Please contact the Arkansas Department of Education for guidance on school requirements specific to asthma inhaler training.

List of approved ephinephrine training programs:

The asthma inhaler training requirement for schools must be provided by an authorized health care professional.Below are the certificates:

Establishments administering auto injectable epinephrine are required to submit a report to ADH. Click here for the report form.

Submit report forms to Arkansas Department of Health:

Rules Pertaining to Public Access to Auto-Injectable Epinephrine

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