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In an organization such as the Arkansas Department of Health, it is impossible to                             
acknowledge everyone who has a role in the development of this report. There are,                             
however, several people and organizations deserving of special mention.                                       
Funds for development and printing of this report are provided by the federal                                 
Maternal and Child Health Block Grant program, administered by the Section of                                 
Maternal and Child Health (Richard Nugent, M.D., Medical Director), of the                                    
Statewide Services, (Ron Stark, Team Leader).                                                                 
The Center for Health Statistics (Douglas R. Murray, Director) has the lead role in                           
the production of this report.  Ed Just, Assistant Director of Center for Health                              
Statistics, supervised the team responsible for production of the report. Thaer                               
Baroud, Health Program Analyst,with input from Paul Johnson, Senior Research                                  
Analyst, analyzed and edited the data for the report and generated the tables.                                
Special recognition must also be given to the following staff in the Center for                               
Health Statistics for their vital contributions to the report.  John Senner, Senior                           
Research Analyst verified fetal death data and provided consultation on MCH issues.                           
Dorene Harris, Statistician, provided medical data quality assurance.  Charlotte                              
Spencer, Documents Examiner II, keyed out-of-state birth certificates.  Mary                                  
Richardson, Documents Examiner II provided ongoing support in the editing process.                            
Charlotte Caldwell, Secretary II, was responsible for report distribution.                                    
We would also like to thank the Division of Vital Records (Sharon Leinbach,                                   
Director and State Registrar) for the collection and registration of all vital                                
events,  and Vanessa Calamese and her staff for the data entry.  Data from these                              
records were the source of the information presented in this report.  Thanks also                             
to the Division  of Information Technology Services (Gerald Perkins, Director) for                            
providing the computer facilities for data entry and management.                                              
The United States Census Bureau contributed to the report by providing the                                    
population data that enabled the calculation of many of the rates presented herein.                           
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