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Maternal and Child Health Statistics presents selected data on vital events                  
and population characteristics for mothers, children, and youth in Arkansas                         
for the year 1995.  These data are presented for the use of health planners in                      
the Bureau of Public Health Programs, local public health units, hospitals,                         
and other public health professions, and for individuals desiring general                           
information about the maternal and child health of Arkansas.                                        
Address comments and questions to:                                                                  
          Carol Nilles, Management Project Analyst II                                               
          Arkansas Department of Health                                                             
          Center for Health Statistics - Slot 19                                                    
          4815 West Markham Street                                                                  
          Little Rock, Arkansas 72205-3867                                                          
          Telephone: (501) 661-2003                                                                 
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