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In an organization such as the Arkansas Department of Health, it is impossible to acknowledge everyone                  
who plays a role in the development of a report of this nature.  There are, however, several people and                 
organizations who deserve special mention.                                                                              
The Center for Health Statistics has primary responsibility for the analysis of vital statistics data and for the       
preparation of Arkansas Vital Statistics:  1996.  This report is prepared under the general supervision of       
Douglas R. Murray, Director, and Werner Haney, Director of Vital Statistics Section.  Carol Nilles,                     
Management Project Analyst, analyzes and edits the data for the report and generates the tables.  Thanks                
to John Senner, Senior Research Analyst, for his work on fetal deaths and to Dorene Harris, Statistician,               
for medical data quality assurance.                                                                                     
Special recognition must also be given to other staff in the Center for Health Statistics for their contributions       
to the production of Arkansas Vital Statistics:  1996.  Debbie Campbell, Nosologist, and Bettye Belleton,        
Documents Examiner, code and key cause of death from the death certificates.  Debbie Campbell also keys                 
fetal death certificates.  Ann Gilbert and Dana Sindell, Documents Examiners, are responsible for coding and            
keying out-of-state birth and death certificates.  Charlotte Caldwell, Secretary, is responsible for keying             
spontaneous and induced abortion data and for distribution of the report.                                               
The Division of Vital Records (Gary Adams, Director and State Registrar) is responsible for the collection              
and registration of all vital events.  The data from these records are the source of the information in this            
The Division of Information Technology Services (Gerald Perkins, Director) provides the computer facilities             
for data entry and management.                                                                                          
The Demographic Research Division, Center for Research and Public Policy, University of Arkansas at Little              
Rock (Laurie Banks-Montminy, Research Technician and Programmer) provides the state population data                     
which enable the calculation of many of the rates in the report.  Thanks also to Tsai Mei Lin of the Center             
for Health Statistics for her work in preparing the population data for report production.                              
Most out-of-state occurrences of vital events to Arkansas residents are incorporated into this report through           
inter-state exchange agreements; although marriage, divorce, spontaneous abortion, and some induced                     
abortion data are not received from other states.  Note: 1996 marks the first year that induced abortion and            
fetal death reports for Arkansas residents have been received from Texas.                                               
Comments and questions should be addressed to:                                                                          
                            Carol Nilles                                                                                
                   Arkansas Department of Health                                                                        
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                      4815 West Markham Street                                                                          
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This publication, along with others published by the Center for Health Statistics, is available on the Internet         
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Cover photo:   By A.C. Haralson, courtesy of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism.                              
Cover design:  John Hofheimer, Arkansas Department of Health, Center for Health Statistics                              
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