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                            1999 ARKANSAS VITAL STATISTICS HIGHLIGHTS                                         
LIVE BIRTHS                                                                                            
같 Arkansas had 36,670 resident births in 1999.                                                              
       같  6.8 % of all resident births occurred outside the state of Arkansas                               
같 Birth Rate: 14.4 compared to a U.S. rate of 14.5 (births per 1,000 population)                            
같 General Fertility Rate 67.5, compared to a U.S. rate of 65.9 (births per 1,000 women aged 15-44)          
같 Teenage Fertility Rate 69.1, compared to a U.S. rate of 49.6 (births per 1,000 women aged 15-19)          
같  There were a total of 6,526 births to teenagers                                                          
       같  There was a 2.3% decrease in the Arkansas teenage fertility rate from 1998 to 1999                
       같  17.8% of all live resident births were to mothers aged 19 and under                               
       같  Of all these teen mothers, almost 71% (4,616) were unmarried                                      
같 Percent of Births to Unmarried Mothers: 35.2% (12,905 births), compared to a national percent of 33       
같 Percent Low Birthweight: 8.6 compared to a national rate of 7.6                                           
       같  3,151 babies were born weighing less than 2500 grams (5  pounds).                                
같 Rate of Cesarean Delivery: 25.5 percent, compared to a national percent of 22.0                           
       같  Cesarean delivery was used on 9,367 births in Arkansas hospitals in 1999                          
같 5.4 percent (1,981) of all Arkansas resident live births were born to mothers of Hispanic origin.         
같 22.4 percent (8,226) of all births were to mothers with less than a high school degree or equivalent      
같 77.2 percent (28,314) of mothers received prenatal care in their first trimester, compared to 83.2% nation
같 Number of Resident Deaths:  27,934                                                                        
        같 6.4% of all resident deaths occurred outside the state of Arkansas                                
같 Crude Death Rate 1094.9, compared to a U.S. death rate of 880.0 (per 100,000 population)                  
Crude Death Rates for Ten Leading Causes of Death in Arkansas (per 100,000 population):                       
          같      Heart Disease: 321.0                                   같                                 
          같      Cancer: 237.6                                          같                                 
          같      Cerebrovascular Disease: 88.1                          같                                 
          같      Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases: 52.6               같                                 
          같      Accidents: 50.0                                        같                                 
          같      Pneumonia/Influenza: 29.9                              같                                 
          같      Diabetes: 26.2                                         같                                 
          같      Septicemia: 18.6                                       같                                 
          같      Nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, and Nephrosis: 17.6     같                                 
          같      Alzheimer's Disease: 16.5                              같                                 
FETAL DEATHS                                                                                           
같 Arkansas had 254 Resident Fetal Deaths (> 20 weeks and/or > 350 grams)                                    
같 The leading cause of fetal deaths resulted from "Conditions Originating in Perinatal Period",             
    comprising 94 percent of the total (239 deaths).                                                          
같 The fetal death rate was still higher for blacks (10.6) than for whites (5.9), but the rate for whites    
    increased from 5.0 in 1998 to 5.9 in 1999 (rates are per 1,000 live births plus fetal deaths).            
INFANT DEATHS                                                                                          
같 There were 311 infant mortalities to Arkansas residents in 1999.                                          
같 The Arkansas infant mortality rate was 8.5, while the U.S. rate was 7.1 (per 1,000 live births).          
같 Black Arkansans had an infant mortality rate of 13.6, compared to a white rate of 7.3.                    
같 Approximately sixty percent (186) of the 311 Arkansans who died before their first birthday were          
    less than 28 days old (neonatal deaths).                                                                  
INDUCED TERMINATIONS OF PREGNANCY                                                                      
 같  A total of 5,592 induced abortions were performed on Arkansas residents.                                
 같  590 of the total 5,592 induced terminations were performed out of state                                 
 같  A total of 1,157 induced abortions were to women age 19 and under, 43 of which were 14 or younger. 같  
 Data received from other states varies.  Many states do not provide county residence data.                   
 Therefore, the analysis of induced abortion ratios by county is severely limited.                            
같 41,391 marriages occurred in Arkansas (All marriage rates per 1,000 total population)                     
같 The Crude Marriage Rate for occurrences was 16.2                                                          
    같    Of those 41,391 marriages, 28,050 were to Arkansas residents.                                      
같 The Crude Marriage Rate for Arkansas residents was 11. 0.                                                 
같 The U.S. crude marriage rate was 8.6.                                                                     
같 For marriages by Groom's County of Residence:  Median Age at Marriage         (Women): 27                 
같 For marriages by Groom's County of Residence:  Median Age at Marriage           (Men): 29                 
같 (All occurrences)                              Oldest Bride: 97         Oldest Groom:  97                 
같 (All occurrences) Marriage with Greatest Age Difference Between Bride and Groom:       57 years           
16,557 divorces (All divorce rates per 1,000 total population)                                                
  같 ARKANSAS CRUDE DIVORCE RATE          6.5      U.S. CRUDE DIVORCE RATE: 4.1                              
  같 Northwest Public Health Region: Rate 7.2 같                                                            
  같 Northeast Public Health Region: Rate 7.2 같                                                            
  같 Southwest Public Health Region: Rate 6.6 같                                                            
  같 Southeast Public Health Region: Rate 6.1 같                                                            
  같 Central Public Health Region:   Rate 5.2 같                                                            
ARKANSAS POPULATION                                                                                           
같 1999 estimated Arkansas resident population:  같 2,551,373 같                                           
같 Estimated number of Whites:                   같 2,107,797 같                                           
같 Estimated number of Non-Whites:               같   443,576 같                                           
같 Estimated percent of Non-Whites:              같      17.4 같                                           
같 Estimated number of Women aged 15-44          같   542,905 같                                           
같 Estimated number of Women aged 15-19          같    94,477 같                                           
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