Induced Terminations of Pregnancy


A total of 3,999 induced abortions were performed on Arkansas residents.

164 of the total 3,835 induced terminations were performed out of state.

A total of 752 induced abortions were to women age 19 and under, 40 of which were 14 or younger.

Data received from other states varies.  Many states do not provide county residence data.  Therefore, the analysis of induced abortion ratios by county is severely limited.




36,804 marriages occurred in Arkansas (All marriage rates are per 1,000 population).

The Crude Marriage Rate for occurrences was 13.4.

Of those 37,909 marriages, 24,624 were to Arkansas residents.

The Crude Marriage Rate for Arkansas residents was 8.9.

For marriages by Groom’s County of Residence:  Median Age at Marriage (Women): 27.

For marriages by Groom’s County of Residence:  Median Age at Marriage (Men):   30.   

(All occurrences) Oldest Bride: 96.

                  Oldest Groom: 98.          

(All occurrences) Marriage with Greatest Age Difference Between Bride and Groom: 49 years.




16,870 divorces (All divorce rates are per 1,000 population)

State:                                              Rate 6.1

Northwest Public Health Region:                     Rate 6.3

Northeast Public Health Region:                     Rate 6.5

Southwest Public Health Region:                     Rate 6.1

Southeast Public Health Region:                     Rate 5.6           

Central Public Health Region:                       Rate 5.9



Arkansas Population (July 1 Estimate)


Resident population: 2,752,629         

Number of Whites:    2,238,490

Number of Non‑Whites:  514,139

Percent of Non‑Whites:    18.7