Tobacco Quitline 

Arkansas Tobacco Quitline

One of the most important calls a tobacco user can make is to the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669). In the fight to quit tobacco, nobody has to do it alone.  Right now, you’ve got all the help you need in your corner – and it’s free.

Reasons to call:

  • It’s confidential, one-on-one help personalized just for you
  • 24-hour direct line to professionally trained Quit Coaches who want to help you fight the good fight
  • 24-hour online community of support from others who’ve gone through exactly what you’re facing
  • Free text messaging program and smartphone mobile app
  • Help with free nicotine replacement therapy, while supplies last

Take a closer look at all the resources that are available to you. Whether you are trying to quit or working to help somebody else succeed, you are about to be twice as strong as you were – and that much closer to your goal. Visit Stamp Out Smoking for inspiration and more information on how to lead a tobacco-free life.

The Arkansas Tobacco Quitline is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Services are available in English, Spanish and additional languages as needed, including Marshallese.

The Arkansas Tobacco Quitline Referral Programs

The electronic referral (e-referral) program and the fax referral program links tobacco users to the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline. As a health care provider, you play an important role in your patients’ wellbeing and overall health. For patients who use tobacco and nicotine products, you are an important source of information and support in their cessation efforts.

E-Referral Program

The E-Referral program is designed to help refer tobacco and nicotine users to the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline. Once a referral is submitted, the tobacco or nicotine user will receive a call from a Quit counselor within 24 hours.  Anyone who is referred should be planning a quit date within the next 30 days.  Quit counselors work with tobacco and nicotine users to create a customized, individual quit plan, which includes free counseling services by phone, online, or both. 

HIPPA compliant providers are able to create an account to receive outcome reports for the individuals referred. Once an account is created, they will be able to submit referrals and receive feedback up to five times throughout the program.

  • When a fax or e-referrals is received
  • At the time the patient enrolls in coaching (or if the patient is unreachable)
  • When a patient is shipped NRT
  • When a patient completes the program
  • When a patient dis-enrolls for another reason

Fax Referral Program

This program gives concerned community partners and health care providers another way to connect to the Quitline.  A HIPAA-compliant fax referral form secures the prospective quitter’s consent to have the Quitline get in touch.  The form is then faxed to the Quitline, so Quit counselors can contact the patient at a time convenient for the caller. The fax referral form is available in English and Spanish.