Tobacco Quitline 

One of the most important calls a tobacco user can make is to the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669). It is confidential, and it is free.

When tobacco users call, they will receive:

  • Free, confidential, non-judgmental expert support from a Quit Coach® to help make a plan to quit tobacco.
  • Ongoing Quit Coach® support via phone or online, tailored to the specific needs of all tobacco users, including smokeless tobacco users. Women who are pregnant are eligible for a specialized cessation program with additional benefits.
  • Unlimited access to Web Coach™, an interactive, online community that offers tools to quit, social support and information about quitting.
  • Customized, motivational e-mails sent throughout the quitting process.
  • Help with identifying the best cessation aid, as well as dose and duration. Some aids can be mailed directly to the tobacco user’s home, including free patches and lozenges (while supplies last).
  • Referral to local community resources and/or benefits offered through employers or health plans.
  • Printed Quit Guides – a series of workbooks that offer guidance and support throughout the quitting process.

The Arkansas Tobacco Quitline is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Services are available in English, Spanish and additional languages as needed, including Marshallese.

The Arkansas Tobacco Quitline Fax-back Referral Program

Let’s be honest: Quitting tobacco is never easy - If the hardest part is taking the first step, we're here to make it a whole lot easier for physicians to improve their patients' health. The Fax Referral Program links patients and other tobacco users to the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline.

Tobacco users are linked to state tobacco cessation services in these simple steps:

  • Health care providers should ask all patients about their tobacco use.
  • If the tobacco user is ready to quit, patients then consent to have the Quitline contact them via the HIPAA compliant Referral Form.
  • The Referral Form is faxed to the Quitline by the health care provider.
  • The Quitline then calls the tobacco user during their best time, and an expert Quit Coach™ works with the patient to create a tailored quit plan and provides referrals to local cessation programs and/or health insurance benefits.
  • HIPAA covered providers are given feedback on services that were received
  • To Download English Version of the HIPAA Form click here
Quitline Fax Referral Form – Electronic
Quitline Fax Referral Form – English | Spanish
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Quitline Reports 

Online ATQ Referral

The Arkansas Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program now has an online system for referring tobacco users to the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline (ATQ). Health care providers, grantees, employers, schools and community organizations can complete the forms online and submit the referral. HIPPA compliant providers are able to create an account to receive outcome reports for the individuals referred. Once an account is created, they will be able to submit referrals and return later to view a complete list and outcomes for those referred.