Nuclear Planning Response 

The Nuclear Planning and Response Program is responsible for emergency planning and response to emergencies involving Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) near Russellville, in Pope County.

This program, works with four counties within 10 miles of ANO who could be subject to evacuation or other protective measures in the event of an emergency.  These counties are Pope, Logan, Johnson, and Yell.  The program also works with Conway County, which would host evacuees from the Russellville area.

In addition to responding in the event of an emergency other program functions include:

  • Development of Emergency Response Plans
  • Maintenance and Operation of the Emergency Warning System
  • Maintenance and Operation of the communication system used to notify state agencies and local governments of emergencies
  • Continuous Environmental Monitoring and Sampling around ANO
  • Education of the Public about Emergency Plans and effects of radiation
  • Training of Emergency Workers who would respond to an emergency
  • Maintenance of equipment and supplies necessary to support emergency operations for state and local agencies.

Emergency Instructions Arkansas Nuclear One | Spanish

Nuclear Planning and Response P.O. Box 1749
Russellville, AR 72811
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