Hospital Preparedness 

The Hospital Preparedness program distributes federal funds to Arkansas Hospitals to help them plan and prepare for disasters and public health emergencies in their communities.  Hospital preparedness actively works with Arkansas Hospitals, the Arkansas Hospital Association, and the US Department of Health & Human Services/Assistant Secretary of Preparedness & Response Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP). The goal of the Hospital Preparedness program is to enhance the capacities and capabilities of the local healthcare system to respond to the needs of their community during a natural disaster, terrorist attack or other public health emergency. 

Activities funded through the Hospital Preparedness program include:

  • Developing and improving hospital preparedness all-hazards plans
  • Increasing the ability of healthcare systems to provide needed beds during an emergency
  • Working with other responders through interoperable communication systems
  • Tracking available beds and other resources
  • Developing the Emergency System for the Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Professional (ESAR-VHP)
  • Protecting healthcare workers by ensuring they have proper equipment
  • Equipment and training to decontaminate patients
  • Facilitating the development of partnerships/coalitions
  • Educating and training healthcare workers 
  • Enhancing fatality management and healthcare system evacuation/shelter in place plans
  • Coordinating exercises and drills of the local healthcare systems
Map of AR Hospital Association’s Regions
Map of Hospitals, Local Health Units, and Heliports


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