ADH Emergency Communications Center (ECC)

The purpose of the Emergency Communications Center is to provide a point of emergency contact for the Arkansas Department of Health for anything affecting the health and welfare of Arkansas citizens.  The Emergency Communications Center has six full-time Emergency Communications Specialists and provides 24-hour-per-day, 7-days-per-week coverage. 

Contact: 501-661-2136 or 1-800 651-3493

ADH Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

The ADH EOC is used to integrate regional, state and national public health assets for manmade and natural disasters and other public health emergencies. The EOC fulfills this function by gathering and disseminating information, analyzing the public health aspects of the disaster, assessing and determining an appropriate response, and identifying and prioritizing resources.  The EOC facilitates coordination with local, state, federal, and private partners to appropriately identify needs and acquire and allocate resources for Arkansas Communities.