Arkansas Oral Health Coalition 

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The Arkansas Oral Health Coalition is a voluntary not-for-profit organization representing oral health interests throughout Arkansas. The Coalition provides leadership to

  1. formulate and promote sound oral health policy,
  2. increase awareness of oral health issues and
  3. assist in promotion of initiatives for the prevention and control of oral diseases.



Activities of the Arkansas Oral Health Coalition

Arkansas Mission of Mercy

The 2013 Arkansas Mission of Mercy (ArMOM) event  will be held May 31 and  June 1 at Henderson State University (Wells Center), Arkadelphia, AR. You can find more information at the Arkansas Mission of Mercy website.

ArMOM is an annual two-day free dental clinic sponsored by the Arkansas State Dental Association for underserved Arkansans. All services are provided free of charge by members of the Arkansas State Dental Association, assisted by a host of volunteers. ArMOM provides dental care for the relief of pain to underserved Arkansans, many of whom are from working families who do not have access or cannot afford dental insurance

Mission of Mercy Video

Monthly Meetings
The Arkansas Oral Health Coalition meets monthly except in December. For information on meeting dates and times, please contact the Office of Oral Health, 501-661-2051.

Annual Meeting
The Governor’s Oral Health Summit serves as the venue for the Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Oral Health Coalition. The all-day conference provides continuing education on dental issues of importance to everyone with an interest in optimum oral health for all Arkansans. For information on conference dates and times, please contact the Office of Oral Health, 501-661-2595


  1. Support for Dental Hygienists conducting dental screenings, adopted 8/21/03
    “The Arkansas Oral Health Coalition supports the use of licensed dental hygienists to conduct dental screenings, as defined by the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors, in public health settings, without the supervision of a dentist.”
  2. Support for Community Water Fluoridation, adopted 8/20/04
    • “The Arkansas Oral Health Coalition supports the fluoridation of community water systems as a safe, effective and equitable means of protecting the oral health of Arkansans; and
    • The Arkansas Oral Health Coalition congratulates the Arkansas General Assembly for the Interim Study Proposal 2003-157 directing the Interim Committees on Public Health, Welfare, and Labor to study the public health benefits of community water fluoridation; and
    • The Arkansas Oral Health Coalition urges the Arkansas General Assembly to encourage and support, by any and all means, an increase in the percentage of Arkansans now served by community water systems containing the optimum level of fluoride, as recommended by the Arkansas Department of Health, to protect the health of all Arkansans.”
  3. Support for Healthy Snacks in Schools, adopted 8/20/04
    “The Arkansas Oral Health Coalition supports and urges the enactment of policies to ensure that foods and drinks sold out of vending machines in public and private schools, kindergarten through high school, are healthful and make a positive contribution to children’s nutrition and daily dietary needs.”


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Arkansas Department of Health - Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Branch
Arkansas Department of Higher Education
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Arkansas Department of Human Services - Division of Medical Services Dental Unit
Arkansas Head Start Association—Collaboration Office
Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation / Donated Dental Services
Arkansas Minority Health Commission
Arkansas Prevention Network
Arkansas School Nurses Association
Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners
Arkansas State Dental Association
Arkansas State Dental Hygienists’ Association
Child Development, Inc.
Community Dental Clinic of Ft. Smith
Community Health Centers of Arkansas
Conway Interfaith Clinic
Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas
Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging/UAMS
ECCO UAMS Head Start
Healthy Connections, Inc.
Hypertension/HIV Outreach Initiatives
Interfaith Clinic of El Dorado
Office of the Governor
Partners for Inclusive Communities
Pulaski Technical College Dental Assisting Department
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkoma
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture—Cooperative Extension Service
University of Arkansas—Little Rock Children International
UAFS Dental Hygiene Program
UAMS College of Health Related Professions - Department of Dental Hygiene
UAMS College of Public Health
UAMS Office of Regional Programs—The Arkansas AHEC Program
UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute—Cancer control Program
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