Disability and Health 

The mission of the Arkansas Disability and Health Program is to improve the health and well-being of Arkansans with disabilities.  With joint offices at the Arkansas Department of Health and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the program works with people in the disability community to address health disparities (including obesity).  The Arkansas Disability and Health Program targets health messages to people with disabilities that promote physical activity and good nutrition, address chronic diseases, increase emergency preparedness skills and improve access to routine health screenings.  The program sponsors health interventions for people with disabilities including Living Well with a Disability and the Healthy Lifestyles Program.

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Arkansas’ Strategic Plan for Promoting the Health and Wellness of People with Disabilities

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PSA Believe to Achieve HEALTH HAPPENS - Vincent McKinney - WMV

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  •  Arkansas Disability and Health Program at UAMS -   Information and statistics regarding Arkansans with disabilities, health education programs, and health promotion materials.
  • Disability and Health Team -  We are part of the new National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our focus is promoting the health of people who are living with disabilities.
  • Physical Activityand Fitness for Persons with Disabilities -  In March of 1999, the President's Council on Physical Fitness released a report on fitness among people with disabilities
  • Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission  - administer a statewide program to identify and meet the unique and lifelong needs of people with spinal cord disabilities in the state.
  • National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD)  - promotes substantial health benefits that can be gained from participating in regular physical activity. The slogan of NCPAD is Exercise is for EVERY body, and every person can gain some health benefit from being more physically active. This site provides information and resources that can enable people with disabilities to become as physically active as they choose to be.
  • Living Well with a Disability Program  - eight-week workshop using goal setting and problem solving as the framework for developing healthy lifestyles.
  • Disability Preparedness Resource Center - provides practical information on how people with and without disabilities can prepare for an emergency. It also provides information for family members of, and service providers to, people with disabilities. In addition, this site includes information for emergency planners and first responders to help them to better prepare for serving persons with disabilities.
  • University of Arkansas Studio for Adaptable and Inclusive Design - StudioAID provides educational and consulting services for community-based agencies and designers throughout Arkansas. Within this site you will find numerous resources for developing more affordable, adaptable, inclusive, and universal design practices and solutions.
  • The Arkansas Governor’s Developmental Disabilities Council -  supports people with developmental disabilities in the achievement of independence, productivity, integration and inclusion in the community.
  • Increasing Capabilities Access Network -  federally funded  program of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, is designed to make technology available and accessible for all who need it.  ICAN is a funding information resource and provides information  on new  on new and existing technology free to any person regardless of age or disability.