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Welcome to the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program webpage. The information on this webpage is intended to serve as a useful tool for obtaining information about brain injury.  This webpage includes TBI resources for persons with brain injuries, family members, caregivers, and service providers. 

We hope your visit to the TBI webpage will enhance your awareness and education of TBI related issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to know after getting a brain injury?


  1. You are not alone.  There are millions of people in the U. S. who get brain injuries every year.
  2. Although there are similarities, it is important for you to identify exactly what to expect from your injuries and recognize that the results of your injury may be different from others with a TBI.
  3. Brain injuries may be mild, moderate, or severe.
  4. Persons with brain injuries may need some or all of the following services:  emergency medical care; inpatient hospital care; outpatient medical care; inpatient medical rehabilitation; vocational rehabilitation; case management; community re-entry services, educational  services, and/or long term care services.
  5. Persons with brain injuries may need different services depending on their age when they get injured.

Q: What is a traumatic brain injury?

Answer: A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the result of an injury to the head caused by a blow to the head with a blunt object, striking the head against an object, or something passing through the skull and piercing the brain.

Q: Are there other types of brain injury?

Answer: Yes, there are other acquired brain injuries that do not result from trauma. These non traumatic brain injuries resulting from medical conditions include stroke, neurologic diseases, brain tumors, and toxic chemical or drug reactions.  Brain injury from loss of oxygen to the brain may occur in either traumatic or non-traumatic brain injury.

Q: Are all brain injuries the same?

Answer: No, symptoms of a TBI can be mild, moderate or severe depending on the extent of damage to the brain.  Disabilities resulting from a TBI depend upon the severity of the injury, the location of the injury, and the age and general health of the individual.


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