Forms and Resources 

All documents are in PDF format unless noted otherwise.

EMS Forms
Arkansas Trauma Triage Protocol
ATCC EMS Scene Radio Report
Communications System Guidelines 
EMS Backfill Agreement
EMS PCR Short Form 
EMS Communications/Letters
Integration of EMS Providers into the Arkansas Trauma System
EMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Arkansas Trauma Communications Center Neurotrauma Go-by

Hospital Forms
Critical Event Reporting Form | Word
How To Update Your ATCC Dashboard
Trauma Critical Event Flowchart
Trauma Registry Critical Event Report Process
Trauma Services Transfer Follow-Up Request Info | Word
Trauma Services Transfer Follow-Up Letter | Word
Trauma Center Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Plan - Word
Confidentiality Agreement
Arkansas Trauma Registry Report Items - Excel
Physician Support Report Form  -  Excel
TS-18 Hospital Administration/Trauma Staff Change Notification Form
ATR 01 - TBI Registry Referral Fillable Form
ATR 02 - TBI Registry Referral Form Instructions
ASCC-1 Referral Form
ASCC Referral Form Instructions
Hospital Communications/Letters
Mandatory Reporting for Quality Improvement Purposes
Physician Support Letter
Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)
Memo: Telemedicine Program for Hand Injuries
Trauma Bands
Trauma Bands  Newsletter