Training Videos  

Training:  Trauma Video WorkshopDashboard VIdeo | ATCC Video 

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) recognizes that training is integral to the successful development of the Trauma System.  To this end, ADH, with the assistance of the Arkansas Department of Information Systems, has produced the following training videos:

Trauma Video Workshop

 In an effort to assist hospitals in their pursuit of trauma center designation, the Arkansas Department of Health produced a video entitled “Trauma Video Workshop.”   This video is comprised of 17 segments presented by a variety of experts in the trauma field.  The subject matter is designed to provide useful information in areas that relate directly to what hospital personnel will need to know to successfully function within Arkansas’ new trauma system.    

  1. Funding
  2. Overview
  3. Roles and Responsibilities Part 1
  4. Roles and Responsibilities Part 2
  5. State Role
  6. Registry Part 1
  7. Registry Part 2
  8. Performance Improvement Part 1
  9. Performance Improvement Part 2
  10. Program Manager
  11. Program Manager in a Level 3 and 4
  12. Billing
  13. Coordinator
  14. Activation Criteria
  15. Protocol Development
  16. In Closing

Arkansas Trauma Center Dashboard

This is a short video describing the operation of the trauma dashboard, which is “housed” at the Arkansas Trauma Call Center in Little Rock and accessible by all Arkansas hospitals.  The dashboard was developed and is maintained by EM Systems.  The dashboard will be utilized by the ATCC to assist emergency service providers and hospitals in transporting victims with traumatic injuries to definitive care in the shortest possible time.    

Arkansas Trauma Communications Center Video 

This video describes the operations of the Arkansas Trauma Communications Center (ATCC) and depicts how the ATCC will assist emergency medical service providers and hospitals with their decisions regarding transportation and transfer of trauma patients.