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Trauma Advisory Council Members

Name Organization Organization Represented Committee(s)
Dr. Mary Aitken Arkansas Children's Hospital Injury Prevention   
Kathryn Blackman St. Bernards Medical Center Arkansas Hospital Association
Col. Bill Bryant  Director, Arkansas State Police Ex-officio  
Terry Collins UAMS Arkansas Trauma Nurses' Society
Janet Curry      Arkansas Minority Health Commission  
Daniel Davidson     Appointed by President Pro Tempore  
R.T. Fendley UAMS Arkansas Hospital Association TAC (Chair), Finance (Chair)
Dr. James Graham
   EMS for Children Program
John Gray Howard County Ambulance Service Arkansas Ambulance Association    
Thomas Jenkins Fire Chief
Rogers, Arkansas
Consumer Representative  
Dr. Charles Mabry   Arkansas Medical Society QI/TRAC (Chair), TAC (Vice Chair),
Corey Montgomery   Arkansas Medical, Dental, & Pharmacy Association  
Col. Addie Morris     Appointed by Speaker of the House  
Jonathan Plamer       American College of Emergency Physicians
Barry Pierce   Arkansas Academy of Family Physicians
Michael Pollock   American College of Surgeons  
Freddie Riley Baptist Health Arkansas Emergency Nurses Association  
Ronald Robertson   Arkansas Trauma Society  
Nathaniel Smith, MD, MPH Director and State Health Officer, Arkansas Department of Health Ex-officio  TAC (Secretary)
Ashlee Stockard Baptist Health Appointed by President Pro Tempore  
Tim Tackett       EMS Advisory Council EMS (Chair)
Brian Thomas     Arkansas Hospital Association      
James Tucker   Appointed by Speaker of the House  
Jamey Wallace    St. Bernards Hospital Appointed by President Pro Tempore    
Christi Whatley  St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center Arkansas Hospital Association  
Jon Wilkerson        Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission Rehabilitation (Chair)

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Trauma Advisory Council

4815 West Markham, Slot 4
Little Rock, AR 72205-3867

501-671-1428 501 280-4729