Arkansas Immunization Information System 

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Immunization Information Systems (IIS) serve as a model for how information systems can provide large-scale benefits to public health. The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) is developing a new IIS, named Arkansas WebIZ, to ensure that the state of Arkansas is equipped with advanced technology standards. It will replace the current Immunization Network for Children (INC) as the statewide centralized repository of immunization information in Arkansas. Arkansas WebIZ will provide advances such as bi-directional, real-time data exchange, designed to not only meet the meaningful use requirements of today, but also be scalable enough to meet future requirements as well. Arkansas WebIZ will function as the data backbone of the ADH immunization program, serve as a resource for medical providers, and support public health preparedness activities. 

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For more information, please submit a ticket to or call the Arkansas WebIZ help desk at 1-800-574-4040, Option 1.