Vaccine Safety 

The benefits of immunization outweigh the risks. All vaccines, including the H1N1 vaccine, are held to the highest standard of safety and are continually monitored. 

Each year, millions of Americans safely receive seasonal flu vaccines.  The H1N1 vaccine is made the same way as seasonal flu vaccine by the same companies that make seasonal flu vaccine.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) conducted clinical trials for the H1N1 vaccine.  The vaccine has been tested and safely used in children, pregnant women and adults The H1N1 vaccine can prevent serious illness or even death, particularly for those who seem most vulnerable to the H1N1 flu. Not getting vaccinated could result in disease or putting others, such as babies or people with cancer, at serious risk for illness.  If you care for a young baby, it’s important that you get vaccinated so you can protect your baby.

Vaccine Information Sheets 

H1N1 Intranasal: English | Spanish | Marshallese
H1N1 Injectible: English | Spanish | Marshallese