X-Ray Program  

Welcome to the X-ray Program Web Page. You will find useful links to assist you in the areas of Quality Standards, Registration, Continuing Education, and Policy Guidance, as well as many of the forms necessary to maintain compliance with State Requirements.

It is the mission of the X-ray Program Staff to provide guidance and support as well as regulatory oversight in order to insure quality and safety in the use of ionizing radiation. 

Guidance for Developing a Radiation Safety Program
Guide to Basic X-ray Compliance
X-Ray Inspection Frequency
Film Retention Guidelines
Complaint Form
X-Ray Registration Fee Schedule

Tanning Equipment

The State of Arkansas does not regulate tanning beds under Radiation Control Programs because tanning equipment does not emit ionizing radiation. For information and safety advice please see the United States Food and Drug Administration Link or contact the Southwest Office of the Food and Drug Administration, Dallas, Texas.

Scotty Hargrave, Regional Radiologic Health Representative
Telephone: 214-253-4930
E-mail: scotty.hargrave@fda.hhs.gov



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