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RAM Industrial Radiography Application/Renewal Forms

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Radioactive Material License Application
License Guide
Industrial Radiography Licensing Forms and Appendices Complete  - ZIP File
Appendix A - ALARA Program
Appendix B - Typical Duties and Responsibilities of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
Appendix C - Radiation Safety Training Program
Appendix D - Leak of Sealed Radioactive Sources and Radiographic Devices Using Depleted Uranium Shielding
Appendix E - Calibration of Radiation Survey Instruments
Appendix F-1-Personnel Monitoring
Appendix F-2 - Dose Limit for Members of the Public (Annual Dose Determination Compliance Study)
Appendix G - Facilities and Equipment
Appendix H - Increased Controls for Licensees that Possess Sources Containing Radioactive Material Quantities of Concern
Appendix I - Radiation Survey Program
Appendix J - Ordering, Receiving, Opening and Shipping Packages Containing Radioactive Materials
Appendix K - Disposal or Transfer of Radioactive Material
Appendix L - Access Control and Security of Temporary Job Sites
Appendix M - Transportation of Radiographic Devices
Appendix N - Operating Procedures
Appendix O - Emergency Procedures
Appendix P - Administrative Requirements
Appendix Q - Example Radiation Safety Program Annual Review
Exhibit A - Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods
Exhibit B - Bill of Lading
Exhibit C - Radiography Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
Exhibit D - Performance Review Checklist
Exhibit E - Information for Applicants to Consider When Developing Procedures for Operating Radiography Equipment
Exhibit F - Daily Maintenance Check of Radiographic Equipment
Exhibit G - Emergency Response Information

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