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RAM Industrial Radiography Application/Renewal Forms

On the pdf forms below, fill in the information online, print it out, sign where appropriate and mail back to us at the address below with any fees that are due.

Radioactive Material License Application
License Guide
Industrial Radiography Licensing Forms and Appendices Complete  - ZIP File
Appendix A - ALARA Program
Appendix B - Typical Duties and Responsibilities of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)
Appendix C - Radiation Safety Training Program
Appendix D - Leak of Sealed Radioactive Sources and Radiographic Devices Using Depleted Uranium Shielding
Appendix E - Calibration of Radiation Survey Instruments
Appendix F-1-Personnel Monitoring
Appendix F-2 - Dose Limit for Members of the Public (Annual Dose Determination Compliance Study)
Appendix G - Facilities and Equipment
Appendix H - Increased Controls for Licensees that Possess Sources Containing Radioactive Material Quantities of Concern
Appendix I - Radiation Survey Program
Appendix J - Ordering, Receiving, Opening and Shipping Packages Containing Radioactive Materials
Appendix K - Disposal or Transfer of Radioactive Material
Appendix L - Access Control and Security of Temporary Job Sites
Appendix M - Transportation of Radiographic Devices
Appendix N - Operating Procedures
Appendix O - Emergency Procedures
Appendix P - Administrative Requirements
Appendix Q - Example Radiation Safety Program Annual Review
Exhibit A - Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods
Exhibit B - Bill of Lading
Exhibit C - Radiography Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
Exhibit D - Performance Review Checklist
Exhibit E - Information for Applicants to Consider When Developing Procedures for Operating Radiography Equipment
Exhibit F - Daily Maintenance Check of Radiographic Equipment
Exhibit G - Emergency Response Information

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