Radiologic Technology Licensure Program 

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Licensing Information

The Consumer-Patient Radiation Health and Safety Act, Act 1071 of 1999, requires that individuals who use radioactive materials or medical equipment emitting or detecting ionizing radiation on human beings for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, be licensed to do so.

Types of Licenses:

  • Limited Specialty License - This new license type is for individuals other than a Licensed Practitioner, Radiologic Technologists, or Licensed Technologists, who while under the supervision of a License Practitioner, operates medical equipment emitting ionizing radiation for diagnostic purposes on human beings that are limited to specific Invasive Cardiovascular Imaging Procedures, with RCIS credentialing. Must attach CCI-RCIS card along with application.
  • Radiologic Technologist License- This is for individuals who have graduated from an accredited Radiologic Technology School and passed the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Radiography national registry examination. These individuals are authorized to perform all types of radiography studies including, Computed Tomography, Mammography, Special Procedures, and Bone Densitometry.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist License - This is for individuals who have graduated from an accredited Nuclear Medicine Technology School and passed either the ARRT Nuclear Medicine national registry examination or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) national certification examination. These individuals are only authorized to perform Nuclear Medicine procedures.
  • Radiation Therapy Technologist License - This is for individuals who have graduated from an accredited Radiation Therapy School and passed the ARRT Radiation Therapy national registry examination. These individuals are only authorized to perform Radiation Therapy procedures.
  • Licensed Technologist License - This license category was issued to individuals who had been trained on-the-job and were licensed under the 'Grandfather' provision. This License is no longer issued.
  • Limited Licensed Technologist License - This is for individuals who have passed the Limited Scope Examination in either chest, extremity, skull/sinus, spine and/or podiatry. These individuals are only allowed to perform radiographic exams in the categories they have passed in the Limited Scope Examination. These individuals are not allowed to perform fluoroscopy or contrast media studies. 
  • Temporary License - This is for individuals who are training on-the-job and preparing to take the Limited Scope Examination. This license is also for individuals who have graduated from either a Radiologic Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, or Radiation Therapy school and are waiting to take either the ARRT or the NMTCB national registry examinations.


The Radiologic Technology Licensure Program is currently contracting with the ARRT for their Limited Scope Examination for State Purposes. This is not the same examination that Registered Radiologic Technologists take for their national registry. This is the national examination that is the standard for almost every state with a State Licensure Program. The examination is given at all Pearson Professional Centers across the United States. Pearson Professional Centers in Arkansas are located in Little Rock, Fort Smith and Texarkana.


The Board may grant a license without examination to an applicant meeting all the requirements for licensure in Arkansas and who, at the time of application, is currently licensed by another state whose standards are not lower than those in Arkansas. The states currently on our reciprocity list are as follows:Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.


The license fee is forty-five dollars for one category. The license fee for more than one category is sixty-five dollars. This fee is non-refundable.

The Limited Scope Examination fee is one hundred twenty five dollars. The examination fee will be charged each time the examination is taken. This fee is non-refundable.

The late fee will be fifty percent of the license fee. The late fee will be accrued on the expiration date of the license. This fee is non-refundable.