Information Notices 

The Department issues Information Notices as needed for any notable events or any revisions to procedures or policies that impact Radiation Safety Programs.  Information Notices are also issued to communicate important information to specific registrants or licensees concerning certain registered or licensed activities or the use of specific devices.

Notice# Subject
IN 11-01 Release of I-131 Therapy Patients Under RH-8420 to Locations Other Than Private Residences
IN 11-2 Occurence of Unauthorized Access to Radioactive Material in Quantities of Concern
IN 11-03 Notification of New National Terrorism Advisory System 
IN 11-04 Fixed Gauge Shutter Failures Due to Operating in Harsh Working Environments
IN 11-05 Arkansas BreastCare Notice
IN 12-01 Handheld X-ray Devices
IN 12-02 Estimation of Dose Due to a Lost or Damaged Personnel Monitoring Device
IN 12-03 Revision of DOT-SP 10656
IN 12-03 Adoption of Fee Regulations
IN 12-04   Adoption of Regulations Effective October 1, 2012
IN 12-05   SCATR Program to Begin Collection of Certain Class A Sources for Disposal
IN 13-01 Exemption Granted Regarding RH-1608.c.7.C
IN 13-02 Minimum State Requirements for Hand-held Dental X-ray Equipment
IN 13-03 Requirements for Use of Computed Tomography in Dental Practice
IN 13-04 Opportunity for 50% Cost-Shared Commercial Sealed Source Disposal
IN 13-05 Being Aware of Radioactive Scrap
IN 13-06 Change in Address and Phone Number for Criminal History Program of the Division of Facilities and Security of the NRC
IN 13-07 Procedures for Administrations Requiring a Written Directive, Misadministration Criteria, and Notification/Reporting Requirements
IN 14-01 Sealed Source Disposals
IN 14-02 Reporting Requirements for Fixed Gauge Shutter Failures
IN 14-03 Revisions to the Arkansas State Board of Health Rules and Regulations for Control of Sources of Ionizing Radiation
IN 14-04 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Implementation of 10 CFR Part 37