Health System Licensing and Regulation  

Welcome to the Health System Licensing and Regulation Branch.  The Branch is composed of four Sections whose primary purpose is to promote quality services, patient care and safety in cosmetic therapy, emergency medical services, inpatient and outpatient settings, facilities utilizing radiation and pharmaceuticals through regulation, licensure, survey and inspection.

The Cosmetology Section regulates the practice of cosmetic therapy (cosmetology) and protects the health and safety of the Public through the registration, examination and licensing of cosmetology schools and those individuals and entities engaged in cosmetic therapy.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Section provides training, certification and licensure for emergency medical technicians, paramedics and ambulance services. EMS coordinates emergency medical personnel and vehicles in the event of a disaster.

The Health Facility Services Section monitors hospitals, end-stage renal dialysis units, infirmaries, portable x-ray units, outpatient psychiatric centers rural health clinics, freestanding birthing centers, hospice facilities, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities, recuperation centers, physical and speech therapy center, ambulatory surgery center, perfusionists, independent laboratories, health maintenance organization, abortion clinics, home health agencies and psychiatric and rehabilitation units within a hospital.

The Radiation Control Section ensures that occupational and public exposure to radiation is minimized through inspection of x-ray equipment, inspection and accreditation of mammography facilities and administering the Radiologic Technology Licensure Program.