Massage Therapy  

Massage Therapy Technical Advisory Committee 2015- 2017


  • Membership by statute requires representation as follows: Six (6) Licensed Massage Therapist(only one (1) shall be an owner of a school), and one (1) public representative 
  • Only two members appointed from one congressional district
  • Consideration was given to interest, experience, minority status, area of expertise and geographic area within the congressional district


  • The Section received applications from thirty-six (36) individuals interested in serving on the Advisory Committee.  
  • District representation for interested individuals was as follows: District 1 – (5), District 2 – (8), District 3 – (13), District 4 – (8)-
  • Two applicants did not reside in Arkansas
  • Professional representation was as follows: 13 licensed massage therapists, 4 school owners, 11 master massage therapists, 9 licensed massage instructors, and 3 public representatives.

The following individual names will be submitted to the State Board of Health during a special meeting on September 17, 2015: 

District 1
Chris Lovelace
Jonesboro Master Massage Therapist School Owner
District 2
Stephenie Cooke
Jessica Tolliver
Little Rock
Licensed Massage Instructor 
Licensed Massage Therapist
District 3
John Brochu 
Christabelle Krajewski
Massage Instructor
Master Massage Therapist
District 4:
George Hrenchir Hot Springs  Licensed Massage Therapist Licensee
Alan Anderson     Fort Smith Not Licensed Public Member

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Dates for 2017
March 13
June 12
September 11
December 11

Meeting Dates for 2016
March 7
June 6
September 12
December 5