Exertional Heat Illness Project 

This project is a collaborative effort by several stakeholders from within our state and beyond to address the issue of Exertional heat Illness. This illness is 100% preventable with the proper preparation and care of those that may suffer from it.  The goal of this page is to be a resource to Parents, Schools, Coaches, Emergency Medical Personnel, and any others who may face this issue. 

Below are documents that were included in the Exertional Heat Illness packet that was sent out.  There is also a link to the video Cool Down First.  Finally there is a page acknowledging all the stakeholders of this project.  Should there be any questions please contact the EMS-Children Program Manager at 501-280-4902.  

Bee Hydrated Pamphlet
Commissioner's Letter
Heat Illness Poster - Female
Heat Illness Poster - Male
Kendrick Foundation Card
Korey Stringer Institute Heat Illness Prevention Checklist
Cool Down First Video
Heat Illness Webpage