Office Forms and Manuals

All documents are in PDF format unless noted otherwise.

Ambulance Service Resources
Ambulance Service Application
Ambulance Service License Checklist
Application for EMS Registration of Aircraft | Word
EMS Agency Mailing Address
EMS Backfill Agreement
EMS PCR Short Form
Pre-evaluated Emergency Landing Area Site Information Sheet
Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI)
Upgrade/Downgrade Request Form
Vehicle License Application (New) | Word
Vehicle License Application (Renewal) | Word

Ambulance Inspection Sheets
Advance EMT Vehicle Inspection Sheet
Advance Response Vehicle Inspection Sheet
EMT Vehicle Inspection Sheet
Paramedic Vehicle Inspection Sheet
Fixed Wing Inspection Sheet
Rotor Wing Inspection Sheet
Stretcher Ambulance Vehicle Inspection Sheet

Continuing Education
CEU Course Audit Form
Paramedic Course Hours
Online CEU Website User Guide
Online CEU Website Letter
Training Completion Certificate

Data Resources
Hospital Code List Update  
Extended Data Definitions Document for NEMSIS 2.2.1
Arkansas Validation Procedure
AREMSIS Medication List Version 3 – Draft
AREMSIS Procedures List Version 3 –Draft

Disaster Resources

Disaster Program Instructions

Disaster Program Phone Set-up

EMSystems Disaster Notification Signup Sheet

EMSP Class Resources
Application to Conduct an EMSP Course
Course Roster
Initial Licensure Website FAQ
Arkansas Emergency Medical Service Provider Initial Licensure
Institute Payment Flow Chart
Student Payment Flow Chart
Background Check Form
Background Check Release: Individual | Institution
Lay Evaluator Application
Lay Evaluator Monitor
Advanced Class Completion Form | Word
EMT Course Completion Form | Word
Instructor- MOU
Training Site Check List

EMSP Resources
Patch Order Form
Change of Address Form
Current Lay Evaluators

Reciprocity Manual
Basic and Advanced Site Manual
Psychomotor Skills Exam - Evaluator Manual

AWIN Zone Map
EMS Series Map
EMS Service Area Map

Medical Director
Medical Director Document
Medical Direction

Reciprocity Information

Regulatory Resources
Complaint Form
Complaint Form (Self Reporting)
Pharmacy Services/Drug Control EMS Frequently Asked Questions
Memo concerning Narcotics
State Drug Policy Fill In

Sample Protocols
Basic Life Support Protocols
Sample Protocols & Training Plans for IO, CPAP, Huber, CVA

National and Local Resources