Cosmetology StudentWelcome to the Cosmetology Section web site.  As a part of the Center for Health Protection, our purpose is to protect the public welfare by establishing, maintaining, and enforcing appropriate standards of competency and practice in the Cosmetology Profession.  Statutory responsibility is to regulate the vocation of cosmetic therapy; develop and maintain a curriculum of study; develop and conduct examinations for registration and licensing of applicants; register and regulate the conduct and sanitation of cosmetology establishments and schools; adopt rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of the Cosmetology Code; and determine penalties for violation of the Code and regulations promulgated by the Department of Health. 

Proposed amendments to the Rules and Regulations for Cosmetology in Arkansas

Please find below a copy of the proposed amendments to the Rules and Regulations for Cosmetology in Arkansas. The Cosmetology Technical Advisory Committee is asking for Licensed Cosmetologists, Manicurists, Aestheticians, and Electrologist around the state to give input on these Rules before they take a final vote to recommend them.  As such, the Section would appreciate any input you may have. Please examine the changes and submit any comments or information you feel pertinent to Thank you.   

Proposed Rules
Questionnaire and Financial Impact Statement
Violation Table
Notice of Public Comment
Comments and Responses Received

Cosmetology Technical Advisory Committee:  2015-2017

  • Membership by statute requires representation as follows:  1 licensed cosmetologist, 1 licensed nail technician, 1 owner of a licensed school of cosmetology or director of a state-supported school, 1 licensed aesthetician, 3 at-large 
  • Only two members may be appointed from one congressional district
  • In addition to statutory requirements consideration was given to interest, experience, minority status, area of expertise and geographic area within the congressional district


  • The Section received communication from sixty-one individuals interested in serving on the Advisory Committee.  The Section considered fifty individuals two years ago during this process.
  • District representation for interested individuals was as follows: District 1 – (10), District 2 – (22), District 3 – (12), District 4 – (17)
  • Professional representation was as follows: 35 licensed cosmetologists, 2 school owners, 12 instructors, 1 nail technician, 3 aestheticians, 2 aesthetician/nail technician, 1 cosmetologist/nail technician, 4 lifetime cosmetologist, 3 unlicensed/ salon owner
    The following individual names were submitted to the State Board of Health during their July meeting.  All received approval for appointment.

District 1
Jessica Peck
Jonesboro  Cosmetologist  Cosmetologist
District 2
Nghia Pham 
Carla Jones
Little Rock
North Little Rock
Aesthetician/Nail Tech  
Nail Technician
District 3
Trish Anderson
Angela Jackson
Fort Smith 
School Owner/Inst/Cosm
School Owner
District 4:
Tonya Boydstun Mena Cosmetologist/Instructor At-Large
Margie Russ Magnolia Lifetime Cosmetology At-Large

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