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Change of Address

The Cosmetology Section requires that all changes in status of a licensee (e.g. change in address, P.O. Box number, change in name through marriage, divorce, or formal legal procedures, etc.) be provided to the Section's office as soon as possible following the change in status. Notification is required since the change in status may affect a licensee's ability to receive official correspondence from the Section.

In the case of a change of address you may notify the Section by phone, fax, email or regular mail at the addresses and numbers listed below. If you own a salon and you plan to relocate your salon then you must contact the Section's office and request an Establishment Relocation application. The application form and the required fee must be submitted to the Section's office before you may open your salon at the new location.

If the change of status involves a change in your name then you must submit a copy of a legal document to the Section's office before the name on your record will be changed. A copy of one of the following documents is required: marriage license, divorce decree, court order, etc. A driver's license, social security card, etc., will not be accepted as proof that your name has been legally changed. A fee is not charged to change the name on your records; however, if you want your license to reflect the change in your name then you must submit the required documentation at the time you renew your license or if you hold a current license you must submit the required documentation and a $25 fee for a duplicate license.


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