Kits and Forms 

Kits and Forms

Some tests require special collection and/or mailing kits. The following special kits are furnished upon request by the closest Local Health Unit or by calling 501-280-4075.

  1. Enteric Pathogens
    • Stool Culture (enteric), 1 vial per containing Cary-Blair medium.
  2. Fungus Culture – Sputum for Fungi
  3. Mycobacteria (TB) – Sputum for Tuberculosis. One plastic 50 ml container (no preservative) for sputum and other body fluids.
  4. Ova and parasites – For Ova and Parasite Detection, one Unifix vial with preservative. To prevent specimen rejections, please fill the vials to the fill mark only.
  5. Influenza

To obtain a Neonatal collection kit (dried blood spots) for newborn screening, call 501-661-2200.

To obtain kits for rabies testing please contact 501-280-4075.

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