Kits and Forms 


Some tests require special collection and/or mailing kits. The following special kits are furnished upon request by the closest Local Health Unit or by calling 501-280-4075.

  1. Enteric Pathogens
    • Stool Culture (enteric), 1 vial per containing Cary-Blair medium.
  2. Fungus Culture – Sputum for Fungi
  3. Mycobacteria (TB) – Sputum for Tuberculosis. One plastic 50 ml container (no preservative) for sputum and other body fluids.
  4. Ova and parasites – For Ova and Parasite Detection, one Unifix vial with preservative. To prevent specimen rejections, please fill the vials to the fill mark only.
  5. Influenza

To obtain a Neonatal collection kit (dried blood spots) for newborn screening, call 501-661-2200.


With the exception on newborn screening, rabies, Arboviral and influenza tests, all other clinical tests requests require submission of a form containing a pre-assigned submitter code. To obtain such forms, contact the Public Health Lab. Tests reports will be sent to the submitter address associated with the submitter number. Requestors of newborn screening, influenza, rabies and arboviral tests are not required to have a submitter number prior to submitting a sample. Forms for rabies, influenza and newborn screening tests are included with the test kit. Arboviral test request forms may be obtained by contacting the Virology lab supervisor at 501-671-1429.

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