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Data Requests/Analysis

General analysis of our data is available to the public. Most analysis of registry data (e.g. cancer cases by primary site, age adjusted rates, cancers counts by county, and crude rates) can be done with the online query system. This site also provides cancer mortality data.

Application for Cancer Registry Surveillance Data

Example Map from

Cancer Incidence Rates in AR Example

There is also additional data on Arkansas and other states at:

Any data requests that cannot be done through the online query system or found on any of the other listed sources can be handled by our epidemiology department.

The Arkansas Central Cancer Registry has jurisdiction on all data requests and will be reviewed and completed according to our policies. As a result some data requests may not be fulfilled. When making a data request please submit the following information along with the request:

  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number (If Applicable)
  • Mailing Address
  • What the information will be used for
  • Date by which you would like to receive this information

If any of the information specified above is not provided, your request may not be fulfilled. Please make your request as specific as possible, broad requests may be set aside. We will try to present the information to you by the fulfillment date submitted; however, other factors may determine or hinder the completion of your request. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the information requested.


The Arkansas Central Cancer Registry releases annual reports on cancer data, epidemiological studies, county fact sheets, and collaborative reports.

Arkansas Cancer Facts and Figures 2011
Breast Cancer Fact Sheet 2013
Colorectal Cancer Fact Sheet 2013
Lung Cancer Fact Sheet 2013
Mouth and Throat Cancer Fact 2013
Prostate Cancer Fact Sheet 2013
Arkansas Cancer Facts and Figures 1997-2005
1996-1998 Combined Annual Report
Note: Report correction - On page 18, figure 2 the pie chart should read 25.4% (not 6.8%) for regional.

2010 Chronic Disease Fact and Figures by Region
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